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GAE endorses Carter for governor

GAE lays out the case for its endorsement. President Chapman and Sen. and Mrs. Carter speak. Click for photos | Release | Press Coverage

At a joint press conference this morning along with Sen. Carter, GAE President Dr. Sid Chapman spoke of the need to have state leadership that truly supports public education.

State Board of Education announces public hearings
Important that we have as many members involved in these hearings as possible. The goal is to hear comments from interested citizens and educators regarding the performance and problems of public education. Check for time and place in your area.
Now on Facebook - Tune in for interview with GAE President Dr. Sid Chapman
View Part 1 of President Chapman's interview. Part 2 airs this Sunday at 6:30 a.m.
Get Schooled: NEA president-elect: Teachers are neither strangers to, nor enemies of, tests.
An essay on testing by National Education Association President-Elect and former (Utah) Teacher of the Year Lily Eskelsen García.
GAE appeals charter school ruling
"GAE feels that the State Board was correct in its decision that charter schools cannot waive fair dismissal and due process rights."
National Teacher of the Year: We Are the ‘Decisive Elements’ in Student Lives
[Sean] McComb was selected to be Teacher of the Year not only for his tireless work in creating new learning opportunities for his students but also by inspiring them, a role he underscored in his speech.
Valarie Wilson: Every child deserves a first-class education
Valarie Wilson, GAE's recommendation for state superintendent
Our PAC believed that her experience, in combination with her drive and vision for helping to make Georgia a positive example of what public education should look like, helped her to stand out from the crowd.
GAE congratulates its newest “Master Teacher” members
Laid off? Don't know where to start? Try our GAE Employment Resource Center
Losing your job because of a RIF and/or budget cuts can be extremely demoralizing. Our Employment Resource Center can help you get started on the road back to the profession you love.
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Political Capital
NEW - Despite Political Battle, Schools Forge Ahead With Healthier Meals
NEW - Higher Education Act reauthorization proposal focuses on college affordability, accessibility
Common Core educational guidelines, from bipartisan beginning to political tempest
Your daily jolt: 38 percent of state lawmakers are ALEC members - Political Insider
Charter schools pose greatest credit challenge to school districts in economically weak urban areas
Impacting Our Profession
NEW - Another Reason Why Segregated Education Is Bad For Young Students
NEW - Families plan higher back-to-school spending, retailers' report says
NEW - Early education should be integral part of elementary schools, foundation says
Georgia announces new testing system
School Segregation Across the Country Proves Students Are Still Separate
On the Frontline
GAE director named to incoming class of fellows for GPEE leadership program..
School district preps new teachers..
Georgia Milestones to challenge students, teachers..
AJC - Woods win in superintendent's race could pose challenges for GOP..
State superintendent candidate Wilson has management skills..
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9/1  Labor Day
9/7  GAE ELA-PPA Workshop
9/15  NEA Executive Committee
9/16  NEA Executive Committee
9/19  NEA Board of Directors
Georgia Department of Ed.
U.S. Dept. of Education
AJC-Get Schooled Blog
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