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Spring RA Delegate Information
Additional 2014 GAE Spring RA Delegate information, including RA Policies, Governance Documents and Committee Reports.
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AJC - After long delay, re-calculated school and district grades to be released
GAE comments
South Atlanta Ed. Complex Wins $1000 Athletic Grant from California Casualty
Without this grant, what might have happened to your program? "... our program receives little to no financial assistance from the district so a program such as ours struggles financially and we fall behind in our ability to provide the best opportunities to succeed to our athletes."
TeacherOTYear Sues After Being Removed From Classroom For Advocating For Students With Disabilities
Mr. Robert Furr, the 2013 Career, Technical Education (CTEA) Teacher of the Year, was removed from his duties, harassed and retaliated against after repeatedly attempting to secure the appropriate educational services for the disabled students at Cedartown High School. See news reports: 11Alive | WSB
GAE Response on Dept. of Community Health's Announcement That More Options Are Coming
"We are pleased the see that the Department of Community Health has heard the concerns of teachers and other state employees and has decided to allow more company and plan options."
GAE's Comments on State Board's Implementation of Tiered Certification
GAE recognizes the need to provide a certification system for teachers to advance in their profession without leaving the classroom. That is why GAE has recommended to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) a certification system that provides six levels of certification (see, attached GAE position paper).
Georgia DOE Selects Four Schools as Family-Friendly Partnership School Award Winners
GAE is a sponsor of the award. Click here to view the Winners' Awards Booklet.
Georgia Report: Charter school supporters, anti-Common Core activists fall short
“For Common Core to be stopped at this juncture would have demoralized educators who have spent countless hours moving Georgia forward,” said GAE’s Nelson.
GAE Op-ed: Move Forward with Common Core for Georgia
"We value the concerns that people have around Common Core, but what GAE believes, is that the Common Core State Standards have already shown the potential to provide access to a complete and challenging education for all children in our state."
Laid off? Don't know where to start? Try our GAE Employment Resource Center
Losing your job because of a RIF and/or budget cuts can be extremely demoralizing. Our Employment Resource Center can help you get started on the road back to the profession you love.
Political Capital
Teacher Tenure and Dismissal on Trial
Common Core educational guidelines, from bipartisan beginning to political tempest
Your daily jolt: 38 percent of state lawmakers are ALEC members - Political Insider
Charter schools pose greatest credit challenge to school districts in economically weak urban areas
A former Teach for America teacher on how TFA and APS fail their ideals
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Impacting Our Profession
New teacher evals fail the test
Do parents try to bully teachers through confrontation?
School Prevention Programs Try to Rein in Heroin, Pill Epidemic
Later High School Start Times a Challenge for Districts
Studies show homework isn't much of a burden
On the Frontline
Baldwin to recognize Teacher of the Year this week..
Colleges can't consider race, but can weigh geography, alumni connections and athleticism. Fair?..
Two schools hailed for customer service..
Athens: Georgia alters state employee health insurance program..
Augusta: State seeking more choice in 2015 health plan..
Coweta school wins state award..
Cobb BoE to consider raising class sizes again..
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Elections: 2014 GAE Election Results and GAE Candidates
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Grant Training Opportunities
Learn everything you need to know about grants.
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GAE's 180 Days Initiative, GAE Legal Tackles Gender Stereotyping, Elections Info and more...
GAE Position Notice for Executive Director
7 Ways to Save More Money in 2014
Legal Q&A
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National Children's Book Week, School Nurse Day, Memorial Day, and more
4/25  GAE 44th Annual Spring Convention
4/25  GAE 44th Annual Spring Convention
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4/26  GAE 44th Annual Spring Convention
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