GAE exists to support, protect, and strengthen
those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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Just for You...GAE Discounts & Deals
Let GAE Special Services help you take care of all your individual and family needs. We invite you to fully take advantage of these offerings because they, as is our entire family of benefits, were developed with you in mind to help make your personal life as enjoyable as possible.
Automobile Rentals
As a GAE member you have access to discounts with almost every major rental car company. Take a look!
Automobile-Supplies And Repair
Tire and repair discounts when you need them.
Banking Services: Wells Fargo at Work and NEA
Members of the Georgia Association of Educators receive the following free or discounted services from Wells Fargo
Books, Magazines, and Reference Materials
Guaranteed quality -- Refund for all undelivered issues if dissatisfied with magazine ordered. Guaranteed service -- if ever dissatisfied with service, will take whatever steps are necessary to make it right, including a 100% cash refund, if desired.
Classroom Supply Discounts
NEA Member Benefits has established a relationship with SmileMakers, an online supplies discounter and a division of Staples. SmileMakers offers NEA members a five percent (5%) discount and free shipping on all orders, regardless of size.
Condo Vacation Club
The use of is made available to activated cardholders. There is a $39.99 lifetime membership sign up fee plus an annual membership activation of $99.00 required to purchase resort condo accommodations at below wholesale.
Credit Scoring
Everything you need to know about credit scoring and how it can affect you.
Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans for GAE-Retired
After careful research and analysis of the best options available, including the use of NEA’s Member Benefits Corporation consultants and staff, we are pleased to offer three member benefit programs for GAE retired members: Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and a Hearing Aid Discount Plan.
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